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Paul and Shark Designer Clothing and Stockists


Official website:    www.paulshark.com

Country of Origin:     Masnago, Varese, Italy


Established:  1921

Paul and Shark History:    
Paul&Shark is a sportswear trade-mark founded in 1921 in the medieval hamlet of Masnago, Varese in the country-side of Milan. At that time the company was a knitting mill producing and trading under its own name. In 1977 a new division was created for the development of sportswear for Men with the trade-mark of Paul&Shark. Since then Paul&Shark has grown with Ladies’ and Cadets' collections to such a point that nowadays all the company's energies are dedicated to Paul&Shark.

Online Stockists:

Paul and Shark Clothing includes the following items.

Paul and Shark T Shirts
Paul and Shark Jumpers
Paul and Shark Zip Tops
Paul and Shark Jackets
Paul and Shark Coats
Paul and Shark Sweatshirts

Paul and Shark  Polo Shirts

Paul and Shark Jeans

Paul and Shark caps