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New For 2006:

Yes we are bringing you a revamped new site for 2006. Over the next few weeks you will start seeing a few changes with new sections appearing, old features being updated and you can already check out our new Message Board so please start posting. If you have any ideas for new features please email us.

New Features:

Site of the week:   www.barmyflags.com

Ave-it rating 10/10

By far the best flag making company about in our opinion and we have the flags to prove it (just take a look in our FLAG section)

   Steve Claridge    -    Tales from the Boot Camps (c

Ave-it rating  9/10

I enjoyed reading this account of Claridge's 'rags to riches' (if you can call Leicester riches) career. He could usefully extend it even more now to include being top scorer at Millwall, I'm sure there are some interesting tales there. He has also made a good attempt at radio punditry, lacking the ego of many of his peers, and generally calling it as it is on commentaries. Not the best football book ever, as has sometimes been claimed, but it beats any of the large-print padded-out crayon sketches of the Beckhams and Rooneys of this world.

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We need your funny football mpegs or clips for our new feature coming very soon so if you have any please send them in to us.

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